A Whole New World of Quality Management

In the last decades, Quality and its management have become topical issues for most, if not all businesses. As markets have become more competitive, the concept of Quality Management implementation is now regarded as key component to business success.

But some may ask, what exactly is Quality Management, and all those terms that accompany it - such as ISO 9001, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Process Mapping, Document Control / Management? These still seem very unclear to many!

Simply put, "Quality" is about being able to meet, and...

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Human Resource Management and the Small Business


Written by: Perle Alcindor, Business Development Officer, in collaboration with Nancy Francis Charles, Commerce and Industry Officer,Ministry of Commerce, Industry  and Consumer Affairs



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Exploring Business Opportunities at Jazz Festival

The staging of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival brings music, entertainment, food and many business opportunities for St. Lucians seeking to start and expand a small business. The Ministry of Commerce,...

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Developing and Sustaining Small Businesses

The relevance of the small business sector is often overlooked.  This sector plays a vital role in the socio economic progress of any country.  The sector allows for the use and development of...

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Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

The eight rights as defined and promoted by the international consumer organization - Consumers International, are as follows:

  • the right to satisfaction of basic needs; ...

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