Project Management Credential -Its Value to Better Business Results

February 10, 2010 marked a significant milestone for thirteen (13) newly certified Project Managers.   The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs welcomed these project managers to the cadre of certified project managers in Saint Lucia with a special ceremony.  The Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Marie-Ange Leonard in her address highlighted the significance of project management to business development.   According to Mrs. Leonard, "Project management strategies present the opportunity for organizations to manage resources to...

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Using IT to Increase Small Business Competitiveness

Small businesses are a major component of all economies and are generally considered flexible and adaptive in nature.  Although they lag behind large businesses they are beginning to invest...

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The Project Manager “Speaks” - Effective Communication

As a Project Manager (PM) in any context one is expected to fulfill a range of roles -leader, facilitator, marketer, problem solver, task master and advocate, to name a few. However throughout the...

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The Importance of Marketing Management to SMEs

Philip Kotler, the acknowledged guru of marketing, defines marketing as: "a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering,...

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Consumer rights and protection issues small business should be aware

Consumers have a great deal of clout these days and they can seek remedies not only to recover the cost of actual loss but also, in some cases, can recover additional punitive damages. The notion...

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