When Eugene Mitchell came from the Land Registry Department, did he really know what his new position at the Price Control Unit (PCU) would have entailed?

Throughout his 27 years at the PCU, its nomenclature having been changed in 1997 to the Consumer Affairs Department (CAD) and most recently to Consumer Affairs Division (CAD), Mitch as he was affectionately called by his colleagues came into contact with numerous consumers and providers of goods and services throughout the length and breadth of the island.  

However, one memorable...

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Back to School Tips

As students bask in their well-deserved summer vacation, perhaps for now not too perturbed about going back to the classroom, parents are faced with another new school term where books and other...

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Publications at the Department of Commerce

The Commercial Information Centre (CIC) serves as the Information and Research arm of the Department of Commerce which attends to the needs of internal and external customers.

CIC has available,...

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Hon. Bradly Felix Articulates His Vision for the Ease of Doing Business in Saint Lucia

On Monday July 11, 2016 the Hon. Bradly Felix, Minister in the Ministry of Commerce, attended his inaugural meeting with the Ease of Doing Business Task Force (EDBTF). The Minister, who is also...

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[VIDEO] Productivity Matters: Ease of Doing Business

Please take some time to view the reforms done by SLASPA and Customs to enhance Saint Lucia's Ease of Doing Business ranking

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