Business Incubators: A Nurturing Environment for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Despite the challenges globalisation has brought to developing countries (LDCs), it has created numerous opportunities for them.  The opening up of new markets and introduction of new technologies are illustrations.  To take advantage of these opportunities, governments of LDCs could engage in initiatives that result in local development.  The small-island developing states (SIDSs), for instance, could enhance their competitiveness by producing goods that can be exported and also serve as a substitute for imports.  They therefore need to...

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Project Management Certification - Aiming For Better Project Results in Saint Lucia

On March 17th, 2009 the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs welcomed eleven (11) new Project Managers to the cadre of Certified Project Managers in Saint Lucia at a Plaque award...

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SEDU offers new strategies for Small Business survival in the Economic Downturn

The current economic downturn is a challenge for the most capable of developed countries more so for developing countries like Saint Lucia. In addition, this global crisis further exacerbate the...

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A Whole New World of Quality Management

In the last decades, Quality and its management have become topical issues for most, if not all businesses. As markets have become more competitive, the concept of Quality Management...

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Human Resource Management and the Small Business


Written by: Perle Alcindor, Business Development Officer, in collaboration with Nancy Francis Charles, Commerce and Industry Officer,Ministry of Commerce, Industry  and Consumer Affairs



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